As a cybersecurity company, security solutions are at the heart of Certigo’s service offerings. At Certigo we take pride in providing and end-to-end security solution to our clients. We don’t simply advise on governance framework and security gaps but take ownership of our recommendations to provide the required technical solutions.

Security Architecture - The goal of security architecture is to ensure that organizations are embodying the principles of secure by design right from the start, in order to prevent insecure design, costly changes or workarounds in future. Certigo can provide security architecture services for new projects or provide assessment of your existing network, application and data architecture.

Design and Deployment - Certigo can design and deploy security solutions based on your security needs. Network and infrastructure security is in our DNA we excel at matching the right security product to meet our clients need. Certigo partners with best of breed security solution vendors in the market to ensure their client’s get the best solution within their budget.

Firewall Rule Review and Optimization - Forensic investigations of information security breaches often find weakness in firewall configuration as one of the root causes of the breach. An inexpensive independent review of an organization's firewall rules can save it from a future breach and potential embarrassment.