Certigo’s Management Awareness program is designed for the senior management and decision makers of the business. It is aimed at a non-technical audience to build awareness of information security. Understanding the impact security breaches can have on organization that are unprepared is a vital first step in combatting cyber security risks. However, cyber security is often seen as a technology problem left to the technical people to solve. The truth is that it is a business risk and management must understand these risks to enable them to take appropriate actions to mitigate or transfer the risks

Certigo’s User Awareness program is designed for the end-users of technology. Cyber security is not just a problem for the IT security department to fix, it’s everyone’s responsibility and staff members have a role to play in keeping their organization safe. Due to the rapidly changing nature of Information technology the associated cyber security threats are also changing. Attackers are constantly on the look-out for new vulnerabilities and exploits. Continual cyber security education to keep up to date and reinforce cyber security core principles is the key to making sure everyone is aware of the risks and roles they need to play.


Certigo’s Phishing Simulation service is tailored to help organisations assess their current level of vulnerability to phishing and help educate users as to how to identify and respond to phishing emails. Phishing attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Many people believe that phishing emails are easy to spot, bad grammar, poor spelling or strange web addresses being the tell-tale signs. The reality of modern phishing is quite different, scammers are now using original logos and replicating authentic email as well as a host of obfuscation techniques to mask email origin. The net result is that phishing and the susceptibility of users to phishing attacks is on the rise. Certigo provides ongoing assessment of user susceptibility to phishing attacks and raises awareness to the types of email and embedded links that may be contain malware or other advanced threats.