Cyber Security Health Check is the first step in regaining control of your information systems. The service is designed to provide visibility of four key areas of cyber security:

  • A comprehensive list of information technology assets currently operating within the network.

  • An analysis of the vulnerabilities across the identified assets.

  • A detailed report on the software patching required to bring the assets to the latest secure version.

  • And finally, an analysis of the level of security awareness among employees and users which may be exposing your organization to threats

Cyber Security Maturity Assessment is suitable for organizations who have already invested in and started a cyber security program. Certigo can carry out an independent maturity assessment to give management a view of where the organization is and map its progress against well established information management systems like NIST.


Gap Analysis is yet another kind of assessment service Certigo can provide. It is designed to assist your organization in obtaining full compliance with the appropriate regulations, guidelines and/or best practice standards. The resulting report will summarize your organization’s current level of compliance and provide the details for developing appropriate corrective action.